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Evolving Sanctuary

Legendary Grizzly 399

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"I was lucky enough to spot the legendary 25-year-old Grizzly 399 with her 4 cubs this week at Grand Teton National Park. I arrived at the park before sunrise in hopes of spotting a grizzly and was having no luck. I was about to give up and head to a different part of the park when I saw a grizzly bear cub cross the road directly ahead of me. I was lucky enough to observe them as they stalked an Elk and grazed in an open field by the Snake River. I got this shot before they crossed the road to head back up into the mountains."


Austin's love for photography has always been the strongest out in nature. He has a keen eye for finding glistening stars or animals in their element, bringing nature into our homes. 


An acrylic glass case with a strong 1.25 in a contemporary frame. Each frame includes a 2-inch white border. 

Image size refers to unframed, Total size includes the frame.   

Small — Image Size: 12” x 8”; Total Size: 18” x 14"
Medium — Image Size: 19.5” x 13”; Total Size: 25.5” x 19"
Large — Image Size: 27” x 18”; Total Size: 33” x 24”
Giant — Image Size: 38” x 25.5”; Total Size: 44” x 31”
Collector — Image Size: 50” x 33.5”; Total Size: 56” x 39.5"

Frames are only available in North America