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Evolving Sanctuary

Blissful Body Sleeping Bag

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$194.99 USD

The Body Sleeping Bag will make staying warm comfortable like never before! This full-body suit zips up and holds your heat in. This versatile suit can be used when walking around or strapped up to cover your entire body to stay comfortable. 


2 Style offers: Choose between our Silver or Bronze styles. While the Silzer is slightly larger, the maximum high recommended for this product is 6ft 2in. 

Stay warm when camping. While this sleeping bag can be used in many terrains, it works best staying above freezing temperatures.  Removable hand warmers can keep your hands comfortable when sleeping or accessible when moving around. 

Multiple zippers for maximum comfort, including a waste zipper, multiple velcro straps, and rope around the head that can be tightened to hold more warmth

Pockets on both sides to fit what you need

Protected feet so you can walk around in the suit without shoes