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Evolving Sanctuary

Bear Claw Grips

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$16.99 USD

The all-new Bear Claw Grips are an instant kitchen favorite. This must-have tool is the perfect way to pull any meat apart, hold tight onto larger objects, or transfer hot food!

Most commonly used for BBQ and grilling, the Bear Clar Grips come in a package of one or two depending on how you want to use them. They easily rip apart meats with comfortable handles and strong claws.

It can also be used as a safe way to pick up hot items you would not want to grab with your hands, such as items off of the grill. When cutting larger items, use the Bear Claw Grips to hold your food sturdy, such as a turkey or large melon. 

This super effective piece of equipment comes in a sleek design that will have everyone asking where you got them. WIt is recommended to get two for best use. For all you grill masters out there, it's time to evolve!