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Evolving Sanctuary

ES Incense Waterfall

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Our beautiful and relaxing Incense Waterfall provides aromas and visuals to calm every setting. This incense holder is built to show the smoke slowly billow down in a mesmerizing way; an attractive addition to any room. 

Fit for most sized burning incense, the waterfall styled holder allows for your room to smell how you want, creating your atmosphere, in a safe way. 

Multi-purpose- Burning incense also provides a dual purpose of a dehumidifier, handy at any time of year. 

Location- Perfect for bedrooms, family rooms, or wherever you relax, this piece will help create a new vibe in the room while bringing you solace. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction- If there is absolutely anything wrong with your order, contact our team and we will gladly issue a full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority! 

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