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Evolving Sanctuary

2021 Eco-Friendly To-Go Lunch

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Keep your food the temperature you want when on the go. This year's eco-friendly To-Go Lunch is the best way to bring your food anywhere you want. 

The assorted linning of the container provides a distinct separation to hold your food still while on the go. With a handle to hold in case the box is warm, the 2021  Eco-Friendly To-Go Lunch can be used for family barbeques, as well as for transport. 

Efficient-  thermal insulation and leakproof sealing, the eco-friendly To-Go Lunch will make eating your homemade food at work easy. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction- If there is absolutely anything wrong with your order, contact our team and we will gladly issue a full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority! 

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