Best 2021 Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Best 2021 Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Father Son on deck of water for Father's day


It’s been a long year for everyone and showing appreciation is more important than ever. Make this year’s Father’s day extra special by getting Dad something that makes his life easier while showing how much you care.

We’ve researched and broken down our favorite 2021 gifts for every type of Dad. From the grill master to the family game maker, enjoy the selection of gifts that will make your Dad smile! (Click a product's name to be taken to its specific link)

1. The Grill Master

Bear Claws

This grilling tool makes the hard part the fun part. Great for dads in charge of summer BBQs, these claws will tear apart your slowly cooked proteins. Break out the watermelon and give all your friends the perfect cut when holding the melon with the bear claws. Plus, he'll look so cool using them! 

Price: $8.99 - $14.99

Hamburger Stuffer

 Hamburger stuffer for grilling outdoor chef for 2021 father's day

Help dad make the perfect burgers with this Hamburger Stuffer. Fit all of the ingredients you want into the press and create the exact summer bite you crave! Make sure size is consistent so no one can complain.  

Price: $14.99

Outdoor Collapsible Island

Collapsible Father's day Tailgate Table

Every outdoor event needs the perfect snacking table. This year get Dad the easy way to hold his drink and snacks while playing catch. This unique table also comes with a bottle opener that is ready to go for the next outdoor party. 

Price: $58

2. The Coffee Lover

Death Wish Coffee

Coffee can, iced coffee, and beans of deathwish coffee

For the Dad on the go who likes that extra kick.  From commuting to work to having enough energy to coach the kids, the world’s strongest coffee will keep him going.

Price: $15.99 – $79.99

Golden Spoon Coffee Sealer

Taking care of your belongings is important; doing it in style is an entirely different thing. This coffee spoon comes in various metals to not only scoop your coffee but keep it sealed as well. Consider getting this with the Death Wish Coffee!

Price: $8 - $14.99

3. The Drink Connoisseur

Personalized Flight

Flight set customizable

For the Dad that likes breweries and tasting a variety of flavors. From stouts to local IPAs, this customizable flight set allows a crafted and astatic way to make tasting their favorites at home an event. We recommend considering two so he has a partner!

Price: $59.95

Master Glass


For the Dad that enjoys making the drink for his guest or himself at the end of the week, this multipurpose glass gives you many options. Enjoy the perfect measurements to help the creation. This unique kitchen addition comes with a shaker top as well for easy mixing and pouring.

Price: $23.99

4. The Tech-Savvy Dad

Air pods

father's day tech savvy

If you want the latest technology without spending the entire bank account, Apple's AirPods allow varying levels of great headphones in a range of prices. Depending on what style and budget you’re seeking, you can get AirPods with a charging case for as little as $129. If you decide to go up a level, Apple sells the new AirPods Pro for $249.00.

Price: $129-$249

5. The Business Man

Personalized Tie

Father's day personalized tie gift 2021

Every man has his favorite tie. Make the special-occasion tie one that means something extra with a personalized note on the inside. Where ever he is, he will have you with him!

Price: $36.76

6. The Handy Man

Magnet Wristband

magnet wrist tool father's day handy man gift 2021

For the Dad who is always fixing and building, the magnet wristband supplies an easy way to hold tools and screws. Consider getting this with some new tools!

Price: $9.99

7. The Family Game Player

Our Moments, Kids Game

 games for father's day 2021 best family game our moments question game

Perfect for family game night, Our Moments supplies different personal questions to build a bond for the family. Enjoy a variety of prompts to get the laughs going!

Price: $18.95

Whatever style of Dad you have, we hope he has a great day and loves your Father’s day gift! Don't forget to order in advance to make sure he can open something on June 20th!

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